Farrell Business Community

Attention Business Owners

Dear Farrell Family,

One of the greatest values of a community is having friends and family to turn to during challenging times. Monsignor Farrell High School alumni, current students, and our families are blessed to be part of a community that extends well beyond the shores of Staten Island. The Farrell family is always here to support each other, but the COVID-19 pandemic has presented health, social and economic stresses on so many people, that even the strongest communities must strive to find ways to do more for our friends and families.

In a recent email sent to the alumni, I announced that the Institutional Advancement Office would be rolling out the first stages of what we intend to be a robust Farrell Business Community. The first simple step we are taking is to leverage our new website to make it easier for all of us to identify and support businesses in our community that are owned and/or managed by members of our Farrell family.

We can all do something, regardless of how small it seems, to lend these folks our support. Spreading the word about a business to our friends, patronizing that business either from a distance with a delivery order, or in person when businesses reopen, and/or connecting businesses with a resource that may help them are all ways we can show support. But the first step is awareness, knowing what businesses are owned or managed by our Farrell family, what they do and where they are located.

If you own or manage a business, and would like your business to be listed in the "Farrell Business Community Corner" section of our website, please click the registration button below to complete the form.

We hope to have the family-owned business directory on the website as soon as possible, so please submit the information form at your earliest convenience. This is just the first step in building a comprehensive business community. We will continue to work on other initiatives to leverage our community in ways to support each other and raise each other to the highest possible levels of professional achievement.

If you have any questions regarding the Farrell Business Community, please email me.

All of us at Farrell continue to pray for our Farrell family through these difficult times, and we wish you all to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive as we work together to move forward.

Vir Fidelis!


John P. Cusick '88
Director of Institutional Advancement & Development
Monsignor Farrell High School