Strengthen the Legacy Capital Campaign

A Historical Campaign for Monsignor Farrell

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Monsignor Farrell High School President & CEO Lou Tobacco ’90

"Our future is bright at Monsignor Farrell High School.  Exciting things are happening. Strengthen the Legacy.”

A legacy is defined as something passed on from a predecessor. Often it is something of great value. Leaving a legacy means making a contribution to future generations. The Monsignor Farrell High School legacy is manifested in the young men who enter the doors of 2900 Amboy Road as boys with great promise, and grow into leaders who shape the world around them;  leaders who are compassionate, leaders who apply their God-given talents to serving others.

The legacy of Monsignor Farrell High School has endured for decades. Faculty, administration, coaches, parents and alumni have contributed to the formation of remarkable young men. It is up to us now to pass on to future generations something even greater than we received.

It is in our hands to strengthen the legacy.

Bishop Edmund Whalen ’76 has challenged Principal Larry Musanti and I to take Monsignor Farrell High School to greater heights.  Standing on his shoulders, we are doing so!

I am excited to announce that we are embarking on a 5-year, $12 million “Strengthen the Legacy” capital campaign that will transform Monsignor Farrell High School, investing in new technology, facility modernization, endowment, and scholarship.

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