Canlon's In-School Food Service

Canlon's Farrell Café

Updated Information

-Breakfast items are also available for lunch.

-Same day ordering throughout the day is available online, or in person. We will never refuse a student lunch if a pre-order was not placed. We will happily take the student's name, place the order, and address payment at a later time.

-No pre-order cut-off time

-Pre-order available 2 weeks prior- Menu subject to add-ons


-Order pick-up TIME
-Order pick-up Day


-After school lunch must be ordered by 1:00 pm.  Mrs. Canlon will deliver orders to the field by 3:00 pm.


Errors, inevitably, occur. The student must inform the staff on the spot. ​This includes:  being given the wrong order, an incomplete order, and, or, the order, not prepared as requested, ie., no mayo, no tomatoes, etc.

There will be a credit available for a future lunch order, or you may request a cash refund. 

Please send an e-mail to or leave a message at (718) 987-2900 ext. 1223, for questions and concerns.   

We apologize for any inconvenience pertaining to our ordering system. This system enables us to offer students a fresh, made to order meal in a timely manner, which allows for a more relaxed lunch period.

We thank you for your business, patience, and understanding.

Helpful Information

Allergy Information 

Canlon's Farrell Café is peanut-free.  However, some products may contain soy.  Please check with Canlon's Farrell Café if you have questions regarding any menu items.

  • No "tip" is to be added when ordering. Please select "custom" and then enter 0.00.
  • If a student's order is missing an item or not correct, please have them tell the kitchen and/or lunch staff immediately and they will rectify the order.
  • All questions should be emailed to Please do not contact Canlon's Restaurant with questions regarding in-school food service.
  • You do not need to create an account on Katalyst to order food.

All food orders will be picked up by the student in the cafeteria at the time selected on the online ordering portal.


Available daily.  When ordering breakfast, you must select a pickup time between 7:00 am and 7:45 am.


Available daily. When ordering lunch, select the pickup time listed below that is associated with the start of the student's lunch period, which is indicated on his class schedule. The breakfast menu is also available for lunch.

3rd Period Lunch: 9:58 am
Select 10:00 am pickup

4th Period Lunch: 10:47 am
Select 10:45 am pickup

5th Period Lunch:  11:36 am
Select 11:30 am pickup

6th Period Lunch: 12:25 pm
Select 12:15 pm pickup


Snacks can be ordered as part of breakfast, lunch, and/or after school food orders.

After School Food Service

Available daily.  Students may also order food for after school.  The only pick-up time for after school food service is 2:30 pm.

Please - do not call Canlon's Restaurant.  Any questions regarding in-school food service at Monsignor Farrell can be emailed to, or you can call the school at 718-987-2900 ext. 1223


How to Order 

You must use the direct link  exactly as you see it here.

Begin by selecting the pickup date.  

Select a pickup time (between 7:00 am -7:45 am for breakfast orders, the time that corresponds with the student's lunch period for lunch orders (see chart in the section above), and 2:30 for after school orders.  You may see ASAP displayed under Pick Up Time and Location. Click ASAP to see the dropdown menu for times. 

Select Breakfast or Lunch.

Add the desired menu items to your cart.  Please note that beverages are listed on a separate tab from the food items.

Snacks can also be added to your breakfast, lunch, and /or after school order.

Once all items are added to the cart, click "Checkout" within the Shopping Cart in the top right corner of the screen.

Enter the student's First Name, Last Name, a phone number, and his Monsignor Farrell High School email address under "Customer Details" as well as any food allergies, if any.

Under "Pickup Tips" click custom and enter 0.00 as the tip amount (this will be omitted in the future).

Enter credit card details in the Payment Section.

Click the blue "Complete Order" button to complete the order.

An emailed receipt will be sent to the email address provided upon submitting the order. Students will have their meal safely distributed in an individual bag with limited contact at the specified pick-up time.

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