Welcome, Class of 2024!

Welcome, Class of 2024!

Please use this page as a resource for information about your upcoming freshman year at Monsignor Farrell High School.  Bookmark this page, as this link is only visible to you and your parents!

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Monsignor Farrell High School is excited to announce our NEW 1:1 Computer Device Program, which will be in place this fall!

What Does This Mean?

EVERY student at Monsignor Farrell High School will be provided with a computer for school use AT NO COST to them.

The computers will be the same that are used by the faculty with the same operating system and will seamlessly integrate with the students' computers.

We will be discontinuing the "bring your own device" program, so please do not purchase a tablet or laptop to be used in school.

Complete details about this new, exciting program will be available shortly.



Monsignor Farrell High School communicates with parents & students regularly via email (Constant Contact).  Please make sure to add and to your list of email contacts to minimize the chance that the email that we send is mistaken for spam.

Students should always use their Monsignor Farrell High School email address when emailing teachers.  Email should never be sent from your personal email address.  All faculty email addresses can be found on the school website under the Faculty section.

Important information is also posted regularly on our website (you will receive your login credentials at a later date to access the students section) and social media accounts. 

If you have not already done so, please like, follow, and subscribe to:


Twitter (@msgrfarrellhs) Twitter (@MsgrFarrellPres)


School Uniforms

A Farrell man takes pride in everything that he does, and that includes the way that he carries himself and how he dresses!

Monsignor Farrell High School strives to promote in its students an attitude of self-pride about dress and grooming which will result in students appearing neat and clean at all times. The purpose of the official dress code is to elevate the look of the Farrell student to that of a young man in a serious atmosphere, reflecting the importance of secondary education in a person's development.

Summer Dress Code 

September 1 - October 15

May 1 - End of June

Students may dress in the official Farrell uniform short-sleeved golf shirt in either white or maroon, uniform dress slacks with a belt, uniform shoes, and dress socks (not half or quarter).

Winter Dress Code

October 15 to May 1

Students dress in a  light-colored dress shirt of their choosing, uniform tie, and a sports jacket or uniform V-neck sweater, uniform dress slacks with a belt, and uniform shoes, and dress socks.

  • Shirts - A solid, light-colored dress shirt and a uniform tie are to be worn. All dress shirts are to have buttons and a full collar. Dress shirts should always be clean and pressed. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times both in summer and winter. If worn, undershirts should be plain white so that they cannot be seen through the dress or Farrell summer uniform shirt.

  • Pants - All students must wear the official school dress pants which are purchased through FlynnO'Hara.  No other pants are permitted. All pants should be clean and pressed. Pants should fit properly and be worn properly. Belts, which are required, are to be visible and worn properly. Oversized, baggy, or droopy clothing is not permitted.

  • Shoes - Uniform shoes (to be kept clean and polished) are the only acceptable footwear.  No other footwear is to be worn without a doctor's note and permission from the Dean of Students.  Shoes can be purchased through FlynnO'Hara.

Gym Uniform

All students are required to be in the Monsignor Farrell High School gym uniform while participating in physical education class.  The uniform consists of gym shorts and a t-shirt.  Sneakers and athletic socks are also required for Phys. Ed. class but are not sold as part of the uniform.

Purchase Your School Uniforms

Items purchased through Monsignor Farrell High School online store:

1. Summer dress code short sleeve polo shirt 

2. Winter dress code V-neck sweater

3. Gym uniform shorts and t-shirt

The above items will not be shipped to you.  They will be distributed to the students during the first week of school.

*School uniform ties will be available for purchase in the school bookstore during regular school hours when school starts in September ($15 each). If you did not already purchase a school uniform tie during registration, you may wear any tie on the first day of school (orientation), which requires students to be in a jacket and tie. 

Buy Now


Items Purchased Through FlynnO'Hara:

1. Uniform pants

2. Uniform shoes

Buy Now


Please email Ms. Crocitto with any questions regarding school uniforms.

Summer Reading

Summer reading books are not sold through Monsignor Farrell High School.  You may purchase your books at the store of your choice.

English 9 Scholars

1. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

ISBN-13: 978-0684801223

2. A Separate Peace by John Knowles

ISBN-13: 978-0743253970


As you are reading these classic works of fiction, please take note of the prominent themes, conflicts, and symbols for each work. Please annotate as you are reading, in addition to keeping separate notes. You will be expected to write an in-class essay for each work upon your arrival to school in September.

English 9 Honors

1. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

ISBN-13: 978-0684801223

2. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

ISBN-13: 978-0767905923


As you are reading the classic work of fiction The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, please take note of the prominent themes, conflicts, and symbols. You will be expected to write an in-class essay on this classic work in September.

For the non-fiction book Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, please annotate as you are reading, and take note of the important lessons that Mitch Albom learns from his mentor, Morrie Schwartz. Also, please take note of Morrie’s aphorisms and the significance of their meaning. You will be given a written exam on this work upon your arrival at school in September.

English 9 Regents

1. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

ISBN-13: 978-0767905923

2. The Warrior’s Heart by Eric Greitens

ISBN: 9780544104815


Read each of the novels before school begins in September. Annotate / take notes in preparation for an in-class written response and a test.

Please email Ms. Marchese, Department of English Chairperson, with any questions regarding summer reading.

Microsoft Office 365

This portal is what will be the “one-stop shop” for assignments, notes, class pages, and Farrell e-mail accounts for students. Students will not be able to access grades here, that is another platform that we use which we will set up for you in September

1. Type the web address (or click the link) into your browser.
2. Student email will be the first letter of his first name, full last name, and 24 (graduation year) .
Example: if John Smith is a member of the Class of 2024, his email would be (email address is not case-sensitive).
3. The default password is Fresh24! and is case-sensitive (you will be prompted to change it when you first log in). Please change the password to something that you will remember.
4. You are now logged in and can view Microsoft Office 365. The e-mail tab is labeled “Outlook”.
5. Once logged in, students should e-mail Assistant Principal Fisher to confirm that they have been able to access the account. 
All Farrell students must use their Farrell email address to communicate with faculty.

Alternate Email Access

There is also another way to access e-mail without logging into the portal account. The link is .
Students will only have to change their password the first time that they access the account. It is highly suggested that students complete this task on their own, as they will be responsible and accountable for checking and responding to their Farrell e-mail. 

Orientation Videos

Part 1 - Welcome from Monsignor Farrell High School President & CEO Mr. Louis R. Tobacco '90 and Principal Mr. Lawrence V. Musanti.

Part 2 - Hear from Dean of Students Mr. Robert Besignano and Farrell Chaplain Fr. Jeffrey Pomeisl.

Part 3 - Meet Assistant Principal for Academics Mr. Dan Fisher '05 and Director of Athletics Mr. Tony Garofalo '89.