Strengthen The Legacy - Michael LaMorte '22

Michael LaMorte ’22 (center) performs with the Farrell Players at the Vir Fidelis Ball.  He is also an anchor and on-air personality for WFBN-TV, a member of PomCast, Hearing Our Heroes, the Holy Name Society, the Usher Society, Friends of Staten Island, the robotics club, the wrestling team, is an altar server and lector, and teaches robotics at I.S. 24.

"We are determined to make you proud of us, and proud of Monsignor Farrell. Strengthen the legacy.” - Michael LaMorte '22

Michael LaMorte '22

Our generation has been told that we are living in a world faced with challenges never seen before.  As Farrell Men, that’s okay - we can handle it. We can handle it because of the support system in our Farrell Family.

Each and every one of us is amazed and very proud to hear that alumni and friends of Monsignor Farrell High School have already committed $4.3 million to the Strengthen the Legacy Campaign.

A campaign that we realize is about us and our future.

A campaign that will help provide us with modern-day tools to face modern-day challenges.

I’m so proud to be a Farrell Man.  I know that I speak for all of my current Farrell brothers when I say thank you for your help.  Thank you for your support and generosity. Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to help strengthen the legacy.

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