Summer Assignment for Freshmen Scholars


All members of the Class of 2025 who have been accepted into the Scholars Program are required to complete a summer assignment for their Latin class.

Your summer reading assignment is Life in Ancient Rome, by Lionel Casson, a classic scholarly work explaining a variety of aspects of daily Roman life. Your goal is to read the book thoroughly and to take a notebook full of notes as you go. In September you will come to class on your first day with this notebook (hand-written, please) and you will be faced with some classwork during your first few days based on this. The better the job you do of taking these notes, the easier that work will be and the more successful you will be at it.

Now, some of you may not be familiar with the proper way to read such a book, nor the proper way to take good, solid academic notes. Therefore, before you begin reading, please watch the video below.

Click the button below to download complete details about your summer reading project, as well as some supplemental materials. The video explains these, so keep them handy as you watch it.

Summer Assignment Details