2023 Rose Ceremony Preliminary Requirements

2023 Rose Ceremony Preliminary Requirements


4 Years - Attendance at least 4 FFA meetings each year.  Two in the fall semester (September, October, November) and two in the spring semester (January, February, March, April).

3 Years - (freshman, sophomore, junior) each year volunteer at 3 events + volunteer to work at 1 required event to be determined by the board (ie: Rose Ceremony/Pocketbook Bingo).

Senior Moms - volunteer at 4 events (senior events and Rose Ceremony excluded). Must purchase a $100 Rose Ceremony Journal ad.

Chair/Co-Chair an event 1 time in 4 years - organize and run all aspects of the entire event (or section of the event) set up to clean up. You will be given guidelines. You will communicate with a board member overseeing the event.

The FFA keeps track of volunteer information such as sign-ups, events worked, and attendance at meetings electronically. It would be in your best interest in keeping your own log of attendance and volunteer time throughout the year as well.

Volunteering can be done as much or as little as any one individual wants. Any time served for a club or sport is independent of time volunteered for FFA.


We recognize that there are extenuating dire circumstances in life that cannot be helped. We are here to work with you and help if you are willing to commit. We will take these circumstances into consideration and help in whatever way we can. Please note: the requirements above are to be completed for your 1st son. For 2nd, 3rd…sons, you do not have to double the work but must serve an additional chair position if the boys are in the school together at any given time. If one son leaves and the second son comes in, you are required to fulfill the outline above.