Center for Learning and Academic Wellness

Written on 10/16/2022
Greg Guastavino


Center for Learning and Academic Wellness

The Center for Learning and Academic Wellness (CLAW) provides peer-led academic tutoring to students in need of additional support in all subject areas. CLAW is overseen by Faculty Moderators, and the academic tutoring is facilitated by members of the National Honor Society. This service is available to all students who wish to proactively seek out extra help. It is the responsibility of students who are failing or at risk of failing specific courses to be present at CLAW sessions.

Hours of Operation

CLAW sessions are held Monday through Friday, from 7:20 am to 8:05 am (Period 0), and Tuesdays from 2:30 pm -3:15 pm in the Brother Henry S. Wright Learning Commons.

Students are empowered to “drop in” any time between 7:20 am and 7:55 am When dropping in, students are expected to come with specific questions or issues to be tackled. While homework assignments can be the focus of these sessions, the expectation is that tutors will use specific questions to teach concepts. Tutors will not simply give students answers to homework assignments.


Study Skills Workshop

The Study Skills Workshop is available to all students.

During Monday morning CLAW sessions, the Catapult Counselor, Ms. Posner will be holding a study skills workshop. This workshop will provide students with the opportunity to engage with different study strategies and review various study aid resources. There will also be the opportunity to work one-on-one with Ms. Posner to organize study materials and create personalized study plans for specific upcoming exams. These workshops will be each Monday from 7:20 am - 8:00 am in the Learning Commons. Appoints are not required - students are encouraged to just stop in.


Voluntary Use

CLAW is available to all students regardless of their grades in any specific course. Students attending CLAW sessions on a voluntary basis may do so as often as they like. 

Mandatory Use

  1. Students failing one or more courses are required to attend two CLAW sessions per week for each course in which they earned a failing grade from the previous marking period.  

  1. Students with a course average below 70 in one or more courses are considered “at risk of failing” and are encouraged to attend one CLAW session per week for each course in which they are currently earning an average below 70. 

  1. Students failing or at risk of failing one or more courses will receive contracts from their Guidance Counselor, which must be signed by both the student and a parent/guardian.  These contracts will include the courses for which CLAW attendance is mandatory and the number of sessions required per week. If significant improvement is seen in a specific course after one month of dutifully attending CLAW sessions, then CLAW extra help sessions will not be mandated.  The decision to remove mandatory CLAW attendance will be made collaboratively by both the guidance counselor and the teacher of the course. 

Academic Intervention Counseling

Our academic intervention counselor, Ms. Jennifer Posner, is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for assistance.

If you would like to meet with Ms. Posner, please contact your guidance counselor.