A Journey Into the Woods

Written on 03/28/2023
Adrian Apreza '26

The Farrell Players blew audiences away with their performance of Into the Woods

Pictured above: In addition to elements of classic childhood tales, the plot of Into the Woods also surrounds the desire of a baker (played by senior Ryan Albertson) and his wife (played by Xaverian High School senior Alexandra D'Agostino) to have a child.

You probably remember the tales that were told to you as a little kid like "Little Red Riding Hood," "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Cinderella" and "Rapunzel." But imagine a world in which all of the tales are crossed over and their stories intertwine.

This is the kind of world you witness when watching Into the Woods, this year's excellent Spring Musical presentation from the Farrell Players, led by Mrs. Tierney.

It is a combination of the aforementioned tales, with the main character being a Baker. Since the Baker wanted a child, he went through all the trouble of trying to gather items from the different tale characters, as they dealt with their own problems from their traditional stories. 

With the troubles, there was also death, including his wife, when the wife of the giant killed by Jack wants revenge.

Pictured above: Senior Jakob Tarbell served as the narrator for Into the Woods, providing the audience a guide into the complex and crazy world delivered by the play.

The performance was impeccable. The characters felt that they were coming out of their books. In addition, their interactions were believable. Even though the set didn't change as much as a Broadway show would, it felt like it did. The set didn't matter, it was the actors that mattered.

The play presented some of the best singing you could find in a high school play. The actors were able to sing their hearts out with passion.

Moreover, the character dialogue was enjoyable. They acted and spoke as one would. For example, when the Steward was spoken to by the Baker's father, the Baker's father said a rhyming line, and the Steward believably said "Oh shut up." It was both hilarious and believable.

Pictured above: The Farrell Players presented Into the Woods from March 15-18 in the Monsignor Farrell gymnasium, and the play was significantly well receivied by those who attended.

To add on, the characters interacted with the crowd. They ran up and down the stage, through the aisles, all sorts of directions to keep the crowd always watching.

Furthermore, there was the music! The music was life, unlike other plays. It had a live orchestra and live sound effects. An example is the birds chirping. This was a magnificent act since if they messed up, it would mess up the show. It shows their dedication.

Lastly, the plot itself was marvelous. The sounds depicted the drama and popped out the plot. It gave the audience emotions, such as the feeling of discomfort and surprise at the sound of the giant's stomps, and the hard drums.

A congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Tierney, the actors and actresses, the backstage crew, the musicians and everyone else for all their hard and tireless work to put on an incredible adventure into the woods.