They're poets -- and we know it!

Written on 05/08/2023
Matthew Toomey '24

Pair of poetry festivities help to cap off the last big stretch of senior year -- and gives enjoyment to all who attend

Pictured above: Ms. Guerriero organized both the March Madness Poetry Slam on March 24 and the Luau Poetry Slam and Pig Roast on May 5.

A pair of poetry slams organized by Ms. Guerriero ultimately proved to be a success.

The poetry slams give a voice of any Farrell student to write whatever they would like and share it with their fellow participants, as well as the audience.

Monsignor Farrell’s March Madness Poetry Slam, which took place on March 24, was for sure a slam dunk. The poetry slam brought back some of our other Farrell brothers, such as: Matt Gonzalez '21, Mike Maher '21, Paul Proscia '21, Mike Caserta '22, and Mike LaMorte '22.

Pictured above: Ms. Guerriero addresses the audience and poets in the Brother Wright Learning Commons for the basketball-themed poetry festivities at the March Madness Poetry Slam.

It was a close competition with these amazing poets but thankfully because of these judges they picked the most deserving poets. 

Mauricio Cetina came in first place for his talent in poetry! Congratulations also go to Nicholas Gebbia, who secured second place, showcasing his poetic talents.

In third place was Kyle Fisher, whose voice grabbed the judge’s attention, with Joseph George claiming fourth place among the rest of Farrell’s poets to make up the full "Final Four."

Pictured above: Senior Nicholas Gebbia performs at the March Madness Poetry Slam, where he took second place.

Then, just over a month later, the poets were back at it for the annual Luau Poetry Slam and Pig Roast.

Members of the Class of 2023 took to the mic one more time as they shared poems based around a Hawaiian theme or favorite things. But most of the poets took the time to write something as they reflected on the end of their four years at Monsignor Farrell.

Following the poems, guests and participants were encouraged to dig into a feast complete with Pig Roast (plus hamburgers and hot dogs), candies and other treats.

Pictured above: Senior Rob Russo sports quite the beach party look as he recites his poem at the Luau Poetry Slam and Pig Roast.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the March Madness Poetry Slam and to all the seniors on their graduations. Their poetry has left a mark on all of us, especially the judges.

We look forward to future poetry slams to come.