Q&A With Christian Tait '20 and Stephen Stella '20

Written on 01/24/2020
Aidan Hynes

Farrell Seniors Reflect on Their Farrell Careers

Christian Tait and Stephen Stella are senior football players at Farrell.  They have committed to Bucknell University and  Sacred Heart University respectively.  Recently, they sat down for a Q&A with Coach Monte.  Here's what they had to say:


Q. How would you describe your 4 years at Farrell? More specifically your experience of playing football at Farrell?

CT: The best 4  years of my life.  Countless memories were made with friends and coaches.  I could not have asked for a  better program and school.

SS: Coming from Brooklyn and deciding to play football I was immediately welcomed into the Farrell family and more specifically the Farrell Football family. I feel like I am the best version of myself and the best player I could be at this point. 


Q: How would you describe the recruiting process? How relieved were you after you made your decision? What other schools recruited you?

CT: The recruiting process was extremely stressful.  All the countless emails, highlight film,  transcripts, and showcases.  When  I  finally made my decision,  I  was very relieved knowing deep down that  I  found the right place for me.  Most other  Patriot League schools such as  Fordham,  Holy  Cross,  and  Lehigh.  Some of the  Ivy  Leagues as well such as  Harvard,  Princeton,  and  Yale. 

SS: A long rigorous process but with the support of my family and the coaching staff specifically Coach Garofalo I feel like Sacred Heart University is where I’m supposed to be. The relief of making my decision takes some pressure off but I’m going to remain motivated this offseason just as I did during the season. Rutgers University, Boston College, Villanova University, College of William and Mary, Towson University just to name a few that recruited me.

Q: What led you to your final decision? What do you plan on studying?

CT: Bucknell reminded me of Farrell.  The atmosphere of the school and the family type environment.  As soon as  I  stepped onto campus  I  felt at home and knew where  I  would spend my next  4  years.  Right now,  I’m undeclared.  I want to get a  feel for classes before I  decide what field  I  want to pursue. 

SS: The academics combined with the atmosphere, the division, and the coaches I believe puts me in a spot to thrive. Criminology.


Q: What are your expectations for next year and your college career?

CT: I  expect it to be very different than high school both academically and athletically.  I’m anticipating working ten times harder at both. 

SS: I'm hoping to receive some playing time but I know that it's not just going to be handed to me. It's going to take hard work and dedication, two traits that were instilled in me at Farrell.

Q: Can you name one thing you learned at Farrell that you will carry with you as you move on in life?

CT: How to be accountable and responsible for everything that I  do in life.  Also,  to always give maximum effort in anything that I  partake in.   

SS: it is hard to pin it down to one thing. Farrell has made me into the man I am today - that is both in the classroom and on the field. Playing offensive line, you learn to never give up and know that the success of the team depends on each unit doing their job.

"Farrell has made me into the man I am today that is both in the classroom and on the field." - Stephen Stella