Attendance Policy

ATTENDANCE  OFFICE  718-979-2050 

  •  Absences 

When your son is absent from school, you must call the Attendance Office before 10:00am each day he is absent – 718-979-2050. If a call is not made, he will receive detention. On the day he returns, he must bring an absence note to the Attendance Office before homeroom. 

  •  Policy for Leaving School Early: 

 No student will be permitted to leave school or drive home on his own without a parent or guardian officially signing him out of school in the Attendance Office or Main Office. 

  •  Illness 

In the event your son becomes ill during the school day, he should first inform his teacher that he is not feeling well. He should report to the Nurse’s Office or the Attendance Office so a call home can be made informing his parents/guardians that he is not feeling well. Arrangements to pick up the student by parents/guardians can be made at this time. 

 Students are not permitted to use cell phones (call or text) during school hours. If your son contacts you before letting teachers or administration know he is ill, he can receive detention for using his phone during the school day. 

  •  Early Dismissal 

In the event that parents/guardians need to sign out their son from school prior to the end of the school day, parents should either send in a note the morning of the early dismissal or call the Attendance Office. The Attendance Office will make arrangements for your son to be ready for pick-up when you arrive. The parent must come to the Attendance Office and officially sign out the student. 

  •  Returning to School 

When your son returns to school, a note from the parent/guardian regarding the early dismissal or absence must be brought to the Attendance Office prior to homeroom. These notes are required to be on file in the Attendance Office. Failure to bring in a note, will result in a detention. 

  • Lateness 

 Students are considered late if they are not in homeroom when the bell rings. If a student is late, he is required to go to the Attendance Office for a late pass which will result in a detention. Please notify the Attendance Office if he has a doctor’s appointment or family emergency – 718-979-2050 so that we are aware he will be coming to school late. When he arrives, he must go to the Attendance Office for a late pass. A note from the parent/doctor is required upon his return to school.