2021 College & University Summer Programs

In-person and Remote

Many colleges offer high school students the opportunity to take college courses during the summer or offer special programs for high school students to prepare for the academic and social experiences of college. Some programs are residential in which students can live on campus and some are fully online, which is much more frequent for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These classes/programs can be a great addition to your college applications. Some afford students the opportunity to earn college credit for the courses that can transfer to their institution.

These programs are often tailored to high-achieving students looking to challenge themselves with rigorous academics; students wishing to explore college fit, academic majors, and/or careers before applying to college.

A summary of some institutions offering these programs with links to their websites is available in the Students-Only section of the website. Students should explore what is offered and compare it to what interests them. Pay close attention to costs, application information, and deadlines. If you are interested, act quickly.