Midterm Exam Schedule

January '22

Please click here for the exam schedule.

Midterms begin Monday, January 24th. There will be no remote option for midterms. Any students who are exposed or COVID positive will take their midterms in person when their quarantine is over.

General Information Regarding Midterms

  • The maximum allotted time for midterms exams is 2 hours per exam.  Students must stay a minimum of 1.5 hours per exam.

  • Students are to report to their designated exam room as given by their teacher.

  • Parents must e-mail (ccrowley@msgrfarrellhs.org) or call the attendance office by 9:00 am on the day of the exam if a student will be missing a midterm for any reason. Additionally, students must notify the teacher of the absence prior to the exam. Students must provide a doctor’s note upon return and make up the exam at the next available time slot in their schedule.

  • We expect academic integrity from all of our students. Any student that does not adhere to our academic integrity policy will receive a “0” on the midterm.

  • Students with extended time will receive 3 hours for a midterm. For questions about extended time, please contact your son’s guidance counselor.

  • Students who are COVID + or exposed are responsible for all midterms upon return. Students must take the midterms in the order that was on the schedule.

  • No Lunch service will be provided during exam week. Students who have two exams in a day should bring a lunch.