Architecture, Construction, Engineering Mentorship Program

Open to All Students


Any student interested in the fields of architecture, construction, or engineering is encouraged to join the Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Mentorship Program of Greater New York (ACE GNY).

This program will offer an overview of many different career options in the design and construction field; opportunities to connect with professionals who will continue to provide support and networking during college and beyond; develop communication and technical skills; and access to apply to unique scholarship and internship opportunities for high school students and program alumni in college.

What is ACE GNY?

ACE GNY is a free after-school mentorship program for high school students to learn about careers in architecture, engineering, and construction management.

Students join teams led by professional architects, engineers, and construction managers to gain firsthand experience in the design and construction industry.

During sessions, students learn how to use design software, go on office tours and field trips, and participate in fun hands-on activities to learn more about the different career options.

ACE GNY is a full-year program. During the first half of the year, students learn about each discipline and how they interact to develop projects. Then, the team develops a cohesive mock design project that they present in May.

ACE GNY is free to all high school students. The program is designed for students who are familiar with the disciplines, and those who are not.

Grades, recommendations, or essays are not required. All students are accepted into ACE GNY. A Parent Consent Form must be completed, which can be found on the online application.


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After you register, an email with the available teams will be sent. After selecting your team, you can attend mentor sessions.

All teams cover architecture, engineering, and construction management. Most students select a team based on what day of the week works best for them and the location of the team. Students can also look at the list of mentor firms if there is a particular company they want to be mentored by.

Contact Mrs. Kiernan with any questions.