Remote Learning Information

Our administration and faculty are dedicated to continuing to provide the best education possible for your son.

Below are three important places to look for information pertaining to academics and our "Remote Learning" program.

1. Microsoft Teams-

All students have a Microsoft Office 365 account. Since November, our faculty and students have been using Teams as a classroom platform. Teachers have been and will continue to post notes, links, videos as a means of teaching. Now, students will be completing and submitting all assignments through Teams. Discussion boards will also be available for each class, as a means of collaboration between students and with the teacher. Microsoft Teams should be checked daily for assignments for all classes. Students are expected to submit assignments and take exams by their due dates which will be posted in the “Assignment” section of Teams.

2. School Website -

Students have a “Student only” log-in to the website. Students should reference this part of the website for important information, specifically, e-book access, and links to Microsoft Office, PowerSchool, and Naviance (our college and career program).

Look for important information under the “Student Policy and Info” section.

Parents should be checking the “Parents” section of the website for updated information.

3. PowerSchool -

As always, PowerSchool is the place for you to access your son’s grades. It is more important now than ever that you continue to check your son’s progress in his classes. Teachers are instructed to post grades based on student’s classwork, homework, and exams. Please e-mail and reach out to the teacher with any issues you may have regarding the class.

We are committed to upholding the strong educational values we have here at Monsignor Farrell, no matter the setting. I am confident that our “Remote Learning” will enable our students to continue to achieve success in the classroom, while concurrently preparing for culminating exams. We appreciate your continued support and consideration as we adapt to this unforeseen circumstance. We look forward to seeing our students back in the classroom, and our families at Farrell events in the near future.