AP Exam Information

​Please read the guide to the AP exam compiled by Mr. Liloia

All students who are scheduled to take AP Exams are required to pay a $90.00 fee per exam.

Please click the button below to make your payment.


The College Board has changed its administration procedures of Advanced Placement (AP) Exams this year due to the Coronavirus. There are two significant changes to AP Exams this academic year.

  1. The AP Curriculum has been truncated for each course. As a result, the final few topics that would normally be covered in the AP course will not be covered on the exam.

  2. Exams will be given digitally this year. Each exam will be 45 minutes in length and will be in the form of free response style questions (FRQs). Students may take an exam on any electronic device: a computer, tablet, iPad, or even a smartphone.

As a result of these changes and considering the circumstances that we are facing, Monsignor Farrell High School has decided to make all AP exams optional for this academic year.

Please read below about the procedures we have taken:

  • - All teachers have provided their students the following link which is a portal for students to access up-to-date information from the College Board regarding exams. There are also valuable resources such as review videos and outlines. Students should be referencing this link in addition to the review that they will get from their instructor.

  • All students have already signed up for the AP exam from back in November. If you decide to take the exam, you must submit payment through the Monsignor Farrell website. We will provide the link once the portal for payment is “live” on the website. Each exam you take will be $90, and please understand, Monsignor Farrell High School has no financial incentives in your sitting for the exam. Those who are taking the exam will have to log into their College Board account on the day of the exam; therefore, it is important that you know how to access it ahead of time. If you have trouble accessing the website, please contact Mr. Liloia, our AP Coordinator, at If you are not taking the exam, it is important that you do not log into your College Board account the day of the exam, otherwise, you will get charged by the College Board.

  • Teachers have been polling students in their virtual learning classes to see who is taking the exam. It is important that the information that students provide to their teachers is accurate, as we need to be able to correspond between who is sitting for the exam and who has paid for the exam.

  • Please refer to the link below for the dates and times of the AP exams. All students will be taking the exams from May 11th -May 22nd.

  • AP teachers will be continuing to give specific information regarding logistics for each exam as it gets closer. It is important that students keep up with the details that will be provided.