Attention ALL Parents

New School Law Regarding Immunizations is for ALL Grade Levels
All freshmen must print and complete the Child and Adolescent Form and return it to Sr. Mary Pat in school as soon as possible.
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Are required to send in any updated information regarding immunizations that they may have received since March 13, 2020. Students can submit that information to Sr. Mary Pat in school.
Meningococcal Conjugate (MenACWY) Vaccine
  • Students entering grades 7 - 11
are required to have 1 dose of MenACWY. Grade 11 was added to this requirement for this school year.
  • Students entering grade 12
are required to have received 2 doses of MenACWY; if the 1st dose of MenACWY was received at age 16 or older, only 1 dose is required.
If two doses of MenACWY were administered before age 16, then a third dose given on or after age 16 is required.
Please see the documents below for additional information regarding immunizations and vaccinations. Please email Sr. Mary Pat with questions.
Immunization Requirements & Chart
New Law on School Vaccination Requirements
Medical Requirements for Child Care and New School Entrants