Senior Final Exams


Senior exams will be broken down into two categories for purposes of clarity:

  1. "in-class exams"
  2. "remote exams"
In-Class Exams
The following classes will be giving "in-class" finals. These finals will be conducted before the last day of class, which is Thursday, May 13th.
Some of these classes will be given take-home exams or a paper/project. Final exams that are given in class will be over two class days. Teachers will review how exams will be administered in class.
AP Biology
AP Calc AB
AP Calc BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science
AP Political Science
Business Law
Calc R
College Physics
Creative Writing
Human Anatomy
Italian IV
Spanish IV
Studio Art
Remote Exams
The following classes will be considered "remote exams". All students will take these exams remotely at their scheduled class time. Classroom teachers will proctor each exam at the time the class would normally meet. Please see below for the schedule:
SS IV - 
Part 1: Fri, May 14th
Part 2: Wed, May 19th
Religion IV- 
Part 1: Fri, May 14th
 Part 2: Tues, May 18th
Math IV (Apps in Algebra, Intro to Calc) 
Part 1: Tues, May 18th
Part 2: Wed, May 19th
All English 4 exams (AP, Honors, and Regents level) will give a paper.
*Any student who will be absent for a final exam must notify the attendance office and the teacher. If a student misses an exam without notifying the teacher, a 20% deduction will take place.
*Any student who is taking AP Biology on Friday, May 14th will take their Part 1 Social Studies and Part 1 Religion on Monday, May 17th before your Senior BBQ. Please speak with your Social Studies and Religion teachers to obtain details.