2021 Final Exams

Tentative Schedule

All final exams will be given remotely and at a designated time. However, students who are taking NYS Regents Exams (the exam is highlighted in yellow) must report to school for the exam.
For Regents Exams, the classroom teacher will post on Schoology where the students will report for the exam. This information will be posted a few days prior to the exam.

Exam Absences

If a student is going to be absent for a final exam:
  • The parent must call the attendance office before 8:00 am on the day of the exam.
  • The student must e-mail the faculty member before 8:00 am the day of the exam.
*A doctor’s note must be e-mailed/faxed to the Attendance Office before the student is able to take the exam.
*Failure to take an exam at the designated time without a doctor’s note will result in a 20% penalty on the exam.

Monday, June 14th - 

8:30 am: Religion 9, 9Sch, 10, 10Sch, 11

12:30: Global 9R, Global 9Sch, Global 10R, AP Euro, US History 11R, AP US History 11


Tuesday, June 15th

 8:30 am: Math 9G, Math 10R, Math 10GT, Math 10H, Math 11R, Math 11TC, Math 11H

12:30: English 9R, English 9H, English 9Sch, English 10R, English 10H


Wednesday, June 16th

8:30 am: Chemistry 10Sch, Chemistry 10R, Physics 11Sch, Physics 11R, Earth Science 11R

12:30: Latin 9Sch, Spanish 9, Italian 9, Spanish 10, Italian 10, Spanish 1-2Sch, Spanish 11, Italian 11, Spanish 2-3Sch.


Thursday, June 17th

 8:30 am: English Regents (10Sch, 11R, 11H)


Friday, June 18th



Monday, June 21st



Tuesday, June 22nd

8:30 am:  Living Environment Regents (Living Environment 9R, 9S)


Wednesday, June 23rd

8:30 am: Algebra I Regents (Math 9R, Math 9A)