June 2021 Regents Exam Information


The Monsignor Farrell faculty was able to cover the required curriculum for the Regents Exams and will continue to use them as a final assessment for the year. Therefore, students may not opt-out of this exam as it is their final exam. 

Important facts regarding Regents Exams and diploma credit: 

1. The Regents Exams in these three courses (Living Environment, Algebra I, and English) will count as the student’s final exam. 
2. Teachers in these courses will have covered the required material and have had time to review with the students. 
3. ALL students who complete and pass any Regents-level course will receive the Regents Exam exemption for the diploma requirement. This includes any student who does not pass the Regents Exam in Algebra I, Living Environment, and English, but still pass the course. 
4. We are proud that Monsignor Farrell High School students are taking these exams as it shows the dedication of both students and faculty to continue the solid tradition of learning during this exceptional school year. By taking these exams, students will be improving their test-taking skills for upcoming PSAT and SAT exams and establishing a stronger high school transcript.
5. There is no make-up for the Regents Exams - all students must report on exam day.