Department of Computer Science

All students at Monsignor Farrell High School are required to take three years of computer science.

Freshmen take a one-semester introduction to computer science, which includes the use of Microsoft Word, MLA Format, research on the Internet, and an Introduction to PowerPoint.

Sophomores take a one-semester course in programming, using the Java programming language.

Juniors take a one-semester course in applications programming using Microsoft Access (database), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) and Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation graphics). They do a Stock Market project using these programs and the Internet.

Seniors may choose from four electives: CAD (Computer Assisted Design) using AutoCAD 2016, for students interested in a career in engineering or architecture; Web Design, using HTML and Adobe Photoshop Elements, for students interested in a career in web design; AP Computer Science A, for students interested in pursuing computer science in college and wish to receive college credits; and C# and Applications Design, for students interested in programming applications, in which students will create a PC/Xbox One/PS4 playable game at the end of the year. Also, a full year robotics elective will be offered for the 2019-2020 academic school year.

Features of the Computer Science program at Monsignor Farrell High School:

• Farrell has two computer labs available to students from 7:35am until 3:15pm.

• Advanced Placement – Students who take AP Computer Science “A” may receive credit and/or placement in college, depending on the mark they receive on the examination prepared by the College Board and the college they attend.

• College Extension Program –students receive college credit for certain senior courses through an arrangement with St. John’s University, such as C# and Applications Design.

• Students in the Scholars’ Institute cover the material listed above for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, as well as additional topics in computer science, at an accelerated rate. They begin programming in Scratch, an interactive coding environment created at MIT, and Java during their freshman year; and, during their sophomore year, cover topics that will prepare them for the AP Computer Science “A” course. Scholars have the opportunity to take AP Computer Science during their junior or senior years.

Department of Computer Science Course Sequence

Freshman Year

Introduction to Computer Science (Regents Curriculum)

Introduction to Computer Science / JAVA I (Scholars Curriculum)

Sophomore Year

JAVA I (Regents Curriculum)

JAVA II (Scholars Curriculum)

Junior Year

Computer Applications (Regents Curriculum)

A.P. Computer Science (Scholars Curriculum Elective)


A.P. Computer Science, C#, Applications Design,

Computer Assisted Design, Web Design, *Robotics