Regents Exam Failures & Summer School

Written on 02/23/2024
Greg Guastavino

Summer 2024

Academic Policy Regarding Grades That Are Below 65

  • If a student has an average that is below 65 in any subject at the end of the school year (a cumulative average of the six (6) grades that he receives for that subject – 4 Marking Periods, Midterm, and Final Exam or Regents) he must attend summer school.


  • If a student does not receive the credit for the course(s) in summer school, he will not be eligible to return to Monsignor Farrell in September.


  • If a student falls below a 65 average in any three (3) subjects for the year, he will not be eligible to return to Monsignor Farrell in September.

Summer School Policy

  • As per Monsignor Farrell’s academic policy, any student who does not meet the minimum requirement of a 65 average in a class must make the class up over the summer and achieve a grade of 65 or higher.


  • Summer school has the potential to run from Monday, July 8th –Tuesday, August 20th. Details regarding summer school will be provided at a later date.

Achievement on NY State Regents Exams

  • As a reminder, if a student passes the class for the year but does not receive credit for the NY State Regents exam in a specific subject (scores below a 65 on the Regents exam), he must attend review classes during the summer and retake the Regents exam. If Monsignor Farrell runs the review class (this is determined based upon the number of students who must re-take the exam), he must report to Monsignor Farrell.


  • Regents review dates will begin on Monday, August 5th, and will run until Thursday, August 15th. The NY State Regents Exams (for August) are scheduled for Monday, August 19th, and Tuesday, August 20th.


  • Please make note of all dates, as it is mandatory that students attend summer school and/or Regents review. If a student must attend in the summer, we expect vacation plans will be made around these dates.