Monsignor Farrell Alumni Hall Of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame Nominating Information

Hall of Fame Candidate Criteria

“Any Farrell alumnus who embodies the moral and character ideals of “Vir Fidelis” by making extraordinary contributions to his community, the Monsignor Farrell family, and/or has distinguished himself through remarkable achievement in his chosen career or calling.* The ideal candidate is someone who has shown significant institutional support of the school through generosity of time, energy, talent or treasure, who elevates the standing and public image of the school, and who continually works to further the legacy of Monsignor Farrell High School.”


Nominating Process

The importance of a strong nomination and supporting documentation cannot be understated. A majority of the voting committee will most likely not know the candidate personally, or by reputation. The nominating essay and supporting documents will be the basis for the committee’s vote.

  • Nominating Application

A nominating application must include a first and second nomination from 2 alumni as well as supporting endorsements from 3 additional people, one of whom must be a Monsignor Farrell alumnus, in support of the nomination. Hall of Fame Committee members and members of the Farrell Board of Trustees who are Farrell alumni are eligible to nominate a candidate provided they are the only Committee or Board member on an individual nomination application. 

Download Nominating Form


  • Essay

 A 250 - word (or less) written statement must be submitted on behalf of the nominating group detailing how the candidate exemplifies any of the applicable Hall of Fame criteria. Essays should be the result of collaboration among the nominating group and additional friends and family of the candidate, and provide the nominating group an opportunity to highlight characteristics or actions taken by the candidate that exemplify the “criteria” and may have otherwise not been highlighted through the supporting documents.

  • Supporting Documents

All applications should be supported by documents including, but not limited to: resumes, publications, letters of reference, or any other documentation that will help the committee develop the same perception of the candidate as that held by the nominating group.

The deadline for nominating packages will be Sunday, October 1, 2023


Voting Process

Each individual member of the voting committee will vote based on the contents of the nominating package provided for each candidate. Committee members will vote “yes” or “no” for each candidate in a “blind vote”.  The Director of Institutional Advancement will collect the votes. In order to be inducted, a candidate must receive a "yes" vote from a  minimum of 70% of the committee members. 


Hall of Fame Selection Committee 

The voting committee is comprised of alumni spanning five decades of graduating classes. 

The Selection Committee Members are:

1960s - Richard Potter ’66, Michael Finley ’69

1970s -  Brian Hall ’77

1980s - Ed Hynes ’82 (Chairman), Michael Borik ’83, Joe Tracy ’89

1990s - Brian Tortorella ’93, Anthony Lordo ’98

2000s - Nicholas Iacono ’08

2010s - Joe Pisicolo ’11, Sean Egan ’14


*If you would like to submit your name for consideration as a Hall of Fame Selection Committee Member, please email Ed Hynes '82, Chairman of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, 

"We recognize those alumni, who either by their accomplishments in life, their service to their community, their support of the school or by the sheer force of their character have enriched Monsignor Farrell's legacy for all time."

Hall of Fame Nominating Application Hall of Fame Nominating Application