Monsignor Farrell Alumni Hall Of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame Nominating Information

Hall of Fame Candidate Criteria

“Any Farrell alumnus who embodies the moral and character ideals of “Vir Fidelis” by making extraordinary contributions to his community, the Monsignor Farrell family, and/or has distinguished himself through remarkable achievement in his chosen career or calling.* The ideal candidate is someone who has shown significant institutional support of the school through generosity of time, energy, talent or treasure, who elevates the standing and public image of the school, and who continually works to further the legacy of Monsignor Farrell High School.”



The importance of a strong nomination and supporting documentation cannot be understated. A majority of the 15 member voting committee will most likely not know the candidate personally, or by reputation. The nominating essay and supporting documents will be the basis for the committee’s vote.


nominating application must include a first and second nomination from 2 alumni as well as supporting endorsements from 3 additional alumni or non-alumni in support of the nomination. Hall of Fame Committee members and members of the Farrell Board of Trustees who are Farrell alumni are eligible to nominate a candidate provided they are the only Committee or Board member on an individual nomination application. Committee members are not eligible to vote on candidates they nominate. If a committee member nominates a candidate, he is ineligible to vote, and the candidate must still receive 12 of the 14 remaining votes.


 A 250 - word (or less) written statement must be submitted on behalf of the nominating group detailing how the candidate exemplifies any of the applicable Hall of Fame criteria. Essays should be the result of collaboration among the nominating group and additional friends and family of the candidate, and provide the nominating group an opportunity to highlight characteristics or actions taken by the candidate that exemplify the “criteria” and may have otherwise not been highlighted through the supporting documents.


All applications should be supported by documents including, but not limited to: resumes, publications, letters of reference, or any other documentation that will help the committee develop the same perception of the candidate as that held by the nominating group. Nominating packages must be received in the Office of Institutional Advancement no later than October 25, 2019.


Space is provided on the application form where the candidate must sign, accepting the nomination and acknowledging the responsibility of all inductees to re-commit to helping Monsignor Farrell High School continue its mission through a contribution of time, experience and / or resources in the years to come.


Each individual member of a 15 member voting committee will vote based on the contents of the nominating package provided for each candidate. Committee members will vote “yes” or “no” for each candidate in a “blind vote”.  The Director of Institutional Advancement will collect the votes. A minimum of 12 “yes” votes is required for a candidate to be inducted into the Farrell Hall of Fame. If a candidate is nominated by a committee member, 12 “yes” votes are still required from the 14 remaining members.


The voting committee is comprised of alumni spanning five decades of graduating classes. The Selection Committee Members are:

1960s -Richard Potter ’66, Michael Finley ’69

1970s - Jack Oehm ’76, Brian Hall ’77

1980s - Ed Hynes ’82, Michael Borik ’83, Jim Oddo ’84, Joe Tracy ’89

1990s -Frank Scafuri ’90, Brian Tortorella ’93, Anthony Lordo ’98

2000s - Nicholas Iacono ’08

2010s - Joe Pisicolo ’11, Sean Egan ’14


"We recognize those alumni, who either by their accomplishments in life, their service to their community, their support of the school or by the sheer force of their character have enriched Monsignor Farrell's legacy for all time."

Hall of Fame Inductees


Eugene Devlin, Class of 1965
Staten Island Boro Commander, NYPD

Vito Fossella, Class of 1983
United States Congressman

Stephen Lanza, Class of 1975
United States Army

Tom Moran, Class of 1970
Chairman of the Board, Mutual of America

Jim Quinn, Class of 1970
President, Tiffany & Co.

John Quinn, Class of 1972

Monsignor Edmund Whalen, Class of 1976
Secretary to Cardinal O'Connor; Rector of Cathedral Seminary


Bill Britton, Class of 1974
PGA Tour Professional

Michael Cusick, Class of 1987
NYS Assemblyman

Dr. Anthony Mezzacappa, Class of 1976
Head of Theoretical Astrophysics Group in Physics, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rev. Stephen Ryan, Class of 1981
Provincial Delegate for Youth Ministry and Director of Vocations, Salesians of Don Bosco

Kenneth Schneider, Class of 1965 Posthumous
Killed in Action, Vietnam

Donald Tinney, Class of 1967 Posthumous
Killed in Action, Vietnam


Dr. Paul Bollmeyer, Class of 1977 Posthumous
Emergency Room Physician

Brian Hall, Class of 1977
School Service

Andrew Lanza, Class of 1982
NYS Senator

Kevin O'Connor, Class of 1965
General Manager and Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Utah Jazz

Salvatore Turchio, Class of 1971
Dean of Students, Saint Peter's College


Lou Baldassano, Class of 1973
School Service

Rev. Dennis Billy, Class of 1971
John Cardinal Krol Chair of Moral Theology, Professor, and Scholar-In-Residence, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary; Author

Gary diSilvestri, Class of 1985
President & CEO, diSilvestri Asset Management

Daniel Donovan, Class of 1974
Richmond County District Attorney

Frank Sinatra, Class of 1966
Managing Director, Prudential Securities

John Wolyniec, Class of 1995
Professional Soccer Player, Major League Soccer


Marty Celic, Class of 1970 Posthumous
Died While in the Performance of Duty 7/2/1977, FDNY

Kevin Coyle, Class of 1974
Professional Football Coach, National Football League

Dr. John Gallucci, Class of 1985
President, JAG Physical Therapy; Medical Director of Major League Soccer

James Oddo, Class of 1984
NYC Councilman

Dr. Thomas Vazzana, Class of 1977
Cardiologist; School Service


James Agnello, Class of 1980

Frank Artale, Class of 1983
Microsoft Windows 2000 General Manager

Thomas Bosco, Class of 1975
Bronze Star Recipient, Gulf War; General Manager, LaGuardia Airport

Rev. Louis Jerome, Class of 1977
Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish, Staten Island

Anthony Mascolo, Class of 1973
Partner, Bosco & Mascolo Law; School Service

Dr. James Welsh, Class of 1978
World-Renowned Oncologist; Pioneer in Cancer Research


Timothy Brier, Class of 1965

Michael Finley, Class of 1969
Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Rev. Charles Buraus, Class of 1970 Posthumous
Maryknoll Missionary, Japan

Donald Ciolini, Class of 1966
School Service

Dr. Terrence Golway, Class of 1973
Professor of U.S. History, Kean University; Author

Dr. Christopher Gostout, Class of 1968
Nationally Recognized Gastroenterologist; Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic


Judge Joseph Brannigan, Class of 1968
California Superior Court Judge, San Diego County

Neil Mazzella, Class of 1969
President & Co-founder, Hudson Scenic Studio

Bob Pangia, Class of 1969
Partner, Ivy Capital Partners.  General Partner, Ivy Healthcare Capital

Dr. Thomas Marshall, Class of 1971 
Captain, United States Navy (ret.). Surgeon, Naval Medical Center GNS, San Diego

Michael McMahon, Class of 1975
Partner; Co-chair, Government Relations Group, Herrick Feinstein, LLP

Dr. William Welsh, Class of 1982
Associate Professor of Astronomy, San Diego State University


Charles Margiotta, Class of 1975 Posthumous
FDNY Lieutenant, Died in the line of duty 9/11/01

John Oehm, Class of 1976
FDNY Batallion Chief; Stephen Siller Foundation / Hurricane Sandy Relief

Charlie Brown, Class of 1978
Chief General Counsel, Fitch Ratings

Anthony Petosa, Class of 1981
Head Coach, College of Staten Island Men's Basketball

Charles Guddemi, Class of 1984
Major; Commanding Officer ICON Protection Branch, Central District, United States Park Police


Rich Decker, Class of 1966 
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Mike Marino, Class of 1968 
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Neil Pignatano, Class of 1973 
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Larry Unrein, Class of 1974 
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Mark Rienzi, Class of 1993
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CLASS OF 2016 - Wall of Valor 


The Farrell alumni community has long been represented in large numbers by members of uniformed service. Alumni have bravely and honorably served in the United States Military, the Fire Department of New York, the New York Fire Patrol, the New York Police Department, Emergency Medical Services and the Port Authority Police Department.  Monsignor Farrell High School and the Office of Institutional Advancement has expanded the Hall of Fame to better reflect the contributions of the significant number of alumni who went on to exemplify what it means to be a faithful man through sacrifice and service to their community.

The 2016 induction class into the Monsignor Farrell High School Hall of Fame is comprised of alumni who dedicated their lives to serving others through uniformed service, and who made the ultimate sacrifice in fulfilling their commitment to serve and protect.

Kenneth Schneider, Class of 1965 (previously inducted in 2007)
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Donald Tinney, Class of 1967 (previously inducted in 2007)
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Gerald Murphy, Class of 1967  
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Neal Carlock, Class of 1970 
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Martin Celic, Class of 1970 (previously inducted in 2010) 
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Raymond Ragucci, Class of 1970 
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David Restuccio, Class of 1971 
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Charles Margiotta, Class of 1975 (previously inducted in 2014) 
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Stephen Huczko, Class of 1975 
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James Hicks, Class of 1979 
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Patrick Murphy, Class of 1981 
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Martin Egan, Class of 1982 
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Neil Leavy, Class of 1985 
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Edward "Ned" Thompson, Class of 1986 
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Christopher Siedenburg, Class of 1987 
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Brian Cannizzaro, Class of 1988 
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Jeffrey Stark, Class of 1989 
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Michael Clarke, Class of 1992 
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Christopher Mozzillo, Class of 1992 
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Keith Roma, Class of 1992 
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