Monsignor Farrell Business & Finance Institute Equity Portfolio Challenge

Alumni Needed!

Calling all alumni with portfolio management experience or the skill set and desire to guide our Business & Finance Institute Equity Portfolio Investment teams as they take on their first model-portfolio competition.

Alumni Portfolio Managers will play an education, mentorship, and guidance role and will not be responsible for any specific investment decisions made by the model portfolios. The goal is to give the student teams full responsibility for construction, allocation, stock selection, and all other important decisions through collaboration and diligent research. Each portfolio will break up into research sub-groups and propose ideas to a portfolio commitment committee entirely comprised of student members of the portfolio team. The PM will provide the students with insight into how to set up an appropriate structure to form a well-functioning team and make educated, research-supported investment decisions. The PM will not approve or disapprove investment decisions but instead provide the students with the knowledge and guidance to make their own decisions.
The PMs will introduce the investment teams to terminology and concepts such as portfolio strategy and construction, allocation, risk management, diversification, market risk, correlation, fundamental and technical analysis, and more. The students will meet regularly with faculty “Portfolio Administrators” to put what they learn from their Portfolio Managers into action.
This will be an ongoing challenge to carry through semesters, if not years, building and adjusting portfolios. Depending on alumni response, Portfolio Managers will be asked to guide their assigned team for a one or two-semester cycle and then a new group of Portfolio Managers will take over the role of mentoring our student investment teams. Based on the enthusiastic student response to this program, we would like to have 6 - 8 Portfolio Managers per cycle.
The time commitment asked from volunteer Portfolio Managers is modest and will mostly be remote. PMs are asked to meet by Zoom periodically (once or twice per month) with their teams and otherwise communicate by email, providing ongoing guidance and responding to questions from the team members. When possible, alumni PMs are welcome to come to campus to meet with their teams in person.
Please contact John Cusick '88, Director of Institutional Advancement & Development if you are interested in participating in this exciting new investment program for our faithful men.
718-987-2900 x1265
Vir Fidelis!