State Textbook & Lenovo Return

Written on 05/22/2024
Greg Guastavino

Wednesday, May 22nd

Wednesday, May 22nd

10:00 am - 11:30 am | Breezeway

Seniors are required to return all state textbooks and their Lenovo (including the charger, stylus, and case). Any student who does not return all items will not receive his graduation tickets and gown. Seniors who are taking an exam on this day are to report to school in uniform. Seniors who are not scheduled for an exam on this day may dress casually.

As per the Student and Parent Handbook, any student who returns a Lenovo device damaged and/or missing parts will be charged a fee.

It is recommended that students save anything they may need from their Lenovo device onto a flash drive or their One Drive. Students' One Drive will stay active for a minimum of one year after graduation. Students are encouraged to save any files they need from their Farrell One Drive to a personal Google Drive / One Drive / flash drive before this time expires.

Students who need help transferring files can contact the Help Desk.