Department of Guidance & College Advisement


The Department of College Advisement & Guidance at Monsignor Farrell High School assists students by way of group and individual sessions throughout each of their four years here, covering a variety of academic and life skill lessons.

Every student will have a one-on-one meeting with his counselor at least once during each school year. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to discuss with his counselor academic, personal, social, or college and career concerns.

These meetings will take place in the privacy of the counselor’s office. In addition, students are encouraged to see their counselor any time should they have problems, questions, or concerns.

Counselors work together with the faculty and administration to keep up-to-date on the academic and disciplinary progress of each of their students.


The Department of College Advisement & Guidance Sequence 


Freshman Year

During freshman year, students meet for group guidance classes once per cycle (that is, once every six school days). The first-year goal is to assist students in the transition from elementary to high school, to help them feel comfortable at their new school, and to encourage them to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Academic success goes without saying. Students will also take self-assessment surveys to help them begin exploring possible areas of interest for their future careers. All freshmen will take a modified version of the PSAT, and they will take the regular PSAT as sophomores and juniors.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year guidance classes meet once every other cycle. The year begins with a brief introduction to the regular PSAT which every sophomore takes for the first time in October. When scores come back, they are distributed and explained to the students. This will assist them as they begin a detailed college research process. Exploring the entrance requirements of various colleges and comparing them to students similar to themselves provides more concrete goals for students to work towards. Classes dedicated to study skills, in-class listening & learning skills, SAT II Subject Test information, and general life lessons, are also part of the sophomore syllabus.

Junior Year

In junior year, more detailed college planning and career information make up the bulk of guidance classes, which also meet once every other cycle. An annual college planning night held in October helps parents get an understanding of how to gather information and begin the college

search process. Juniors take the PSAT in October. Deeper self-evaluation helps students determine which colleges and majors are right for them. Registration and preparation for the December, March, May, and/or June SAT exam is an additional focus. Monsignor Farrell’s College Fair is held in the spring.  Admission representatives from colleges and universities across the country attend the fair and meet with our juniors and their parents.

Senior Year

Senior Year Guidance classes focus on the culmination of the college research process, as well as the completion of college applications.  Individual appointments help students pinpoint colleges that are a good fit for them and assist in making final decisions about college and career.  Guidance is also available to assist seniors with non-college-related questions and concerns.