About the Family Association


The Monsignor Farrell Family Association is an integral part of the school community.  We participate in many functions at Monsignor Farrell, whether helping with school-related ceremonies directly or coordinating FFA fundraisers.

We encourage and welcome every Monsignor Farrell parent to be a part of the FFA.

You may have a special talent that can improve our events or a suggestion for us to consider for future events. The results are rewarding, and you will soon learn the enjoyment of being part of your son’s high school experience, as well as making new friends.

2024-2025 Executive Board - Click the name to send an email

FFA President

Stephanie Keegan

Vice President - Communications

Beth Ann Harrington

Vice President - Logistics

Claudia McGrath


Andrea Palazzolo

Parent Relations Secretary

Tara Kelly

Recording Secretary

Jennifer Costello

Financial Secretary

Maria Della Ragione

Event Logistics Secretaries

Tom Barlotta

Sue Gainer

Rich Gainer

Supply Coordinator

Suja Perera

Board Liaisons


Daytime Operations Liaison

Lizette Claro

Media/ Advertising Coordinator

Courtenay Hall

Athletic & Fundraising Support Liaisons

Jill Vero-Kipp

Merideth Cucchia

Raffle Prize Procurement Specialists

Brandi LoIacono

Christine Sheehan

Solicitation Coordinators

Kelly Mullen

Phyllis Maratea

Nicole Vento

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