Rose Ceremony Preliminary Requirements



FFA Meeting Requirements 4 Years - You are required to attend 4 meetings every year: 2 meetings in the fall (September-December) and 2 meetings in the Spring (January-May)

The schedule of meetings for the 2023-204 school year is as follows:

Wednesday 9/13/2023 7PM Gym

Monday 10/2/2023 7PM Lobby

Monday 11/6/2023 7PM Lobby

Monday 1/8/2024 7PM Lobby

Monday 2/5/2024 7PM Lobby

Monday 3/4/2024 7PM Lobby

Monday 4/8/2024 7PM Lobby

FFA Volunteer Requirements

You are required to work 3 events PLUS one mandatory event for a total of 4 events. Senior Moms are required to work 3 events. If you cannot fulfill the 3 event/committee requirement you have the option to buy out one event at the cost of $50. YOU MAY NOT BUY OUT OF YOUR MANDATORY EVENT/COMMITTEE.


Option A:

  • Work 3 Regular Events/Committees by February 2024 -OR-

Option B:

  • Work 2 Regular Events/Committees -PLUS-
  • $50 Donation by February 2024

*Senior Parents must purchase $100 Rose Ceremony Journal Ad


Option A:

  • Work 3 Regular Events/Committees -PLUS-
  • 1 MANDATORY Event/Committee (Pocketbook Bingo, Senior Cocktail Party, Rose Ceremony) -OR-

Option B:

  • Work 2 Regular Events PLUS
  • 1 MANDATORY Event/Committee (Pocketbook Bingo, Senior Cocktail Party, Rose Ceremony) -PLUS-
  • $50 Donation


Chair/Co-Chair Requirement:

Each parent is required to chair an event/committee ONE TIME IN 4 YEARS. If you have sons graduating in different years you must chair for each son. The event you chair also satisfies one event from above (i.e. if you chair the Communion Breakfast you get credit for the Communion Breakfast as an event).

The FFA keeps track of volunteer information such as sign-ups, events worked and attendance at meetings electronically. We have created the following form to help you in keep track of your time Farrell Family Association Accountability Form 2023-2024 We will not be updating you on what you have working and what you need to work to meet your requirements. You are responsible for logging your time.

Volunteering can be done as much or as little as any one individual wants. Any time served for a club or sport is independent of time volunteered for FFA.


We recognize that there are extenuating dire circumstances in life that cannot be helped. We are here to work with you and help if you are willing to commit. We will take these circumstances into consideration and help in whatever way we can. Please note: the requirements below are to be completed for your 1st son. For 2nd, 3rd...sons, you do not have to double the work but must serve an additional chair position if the boys are in the school together at any given time. If one son leaves and the second son comes in, you are required to fulfill the outline above.

Volunteer slots will be filled based on the timestamp. You may not be selected for every event you sign up for because some events we need a few volunteers, while others will need an army. Please select multiple events to guarantee that you will work something. We will do our best to ensure that. Every parent has an opportunity to fulfill their volunteer requirements. If you cannot make your event please try to find another parent to cover your time and let your chairperson know. If you cannot find coverage, please give your chairperson ample time to find coverage for you.