Showing Passion with Purpose

Written on 03/28/2023
Adrian Apreza '26

Steven Mezzacappa, '12, returns to Farrell to discuss his April 2021 book on his life, struggles and faith.

Pictured above: Steven Mezzacappa, '12, discusses his book with students in Ms. Guerriero's Writing Studio on Feb. 17.

Imagine this, you are alone in a cabin far from society for a job. You don't have much to do and little to no human interactions. You wonder, 'What should I do?'

Steven Mezzacappa, '12, answered by focusing on his spiritual life!

Mezzacappa visited Monsignor Farrell to talk about his book, Passion with Purpose. Bringing different ideas, concepts, and experiences to the intrigued audience, he passionately talked about his journey. 

Pictured above, top: During his conversation with students, Mezzacappa discussed mental health struggles that ultimately led him to build upon his spirituality.
Pictured above, bottom: Mezzacappa gives out autographed copies of books to students who attended his talk.

Mezzacappa graduated from Penn State in 2016 with his degree in Architecture Engineering when he got a position at Turner Construction Company. As Mezzacappa went on with his life, he noticed he had an emptiness. The emptiness, he found, was coming from his spiritual life.

Being secluded from society in one of his jobs, he began to focus more on himself. Beginning to focus on himself to find the missing thing that created the sense of emptiness, he found the thing: his spirituality.

Later, with the desire to help others and his persistence to author a book, he wrote Passion with Purpose - The Fire Within: Building a Life of Fulfillment, Destiny & Impact.

Pictured above, top: Students listen intently to Mezzacappa's story about his life's journey.
Pictured above, bottom: Mezzacappa, '12, graduated from Penn State in 2016 with a degree in Architecture Engineering.

Mezzacappa's book is divided into three sections: how do we live a life inspired by the great architect, how do we live a life encouraged by the great physician, and how do we live a life empowered by the great life coach.

Mezzecappa purposely divided the book this way to symbolize the holy trinity (three "people", one God). A multitude of theological ideas is presented by Mezzacappa. Including the idea of the triangle, being one of the strongest shapes, three-sided (back at the holy trinity), and everything is connected one way or another!

With Mezzacappa's book, he hopes to share his journey and open a path to a stronger spiritual life.  

Thank you to Ms. Guerriero for bringing Steven Mezzecappa back to Farrell to share his life adventure since his last visit to Farrell.