From the Press Room: NY Post Editor Brings Experiences to Farrell

Written on 10/31/2023
Matthew Toomey '24

The Writing Studio was pleased to welcome Paul McPolin, '83, the Sunday Editor of the New York Post

Pictured above: Paul McPolin, '83, stands alongside Ms. Guerriero, Director of the Writing Studio, and a crowd of Farrell students.


A high school can allow for the first steps someone can make toward a highly successful and rewarding future. Paul McPolin, '83, can certainly say his time at Farrell helped lead into an enjoyable tenure in the field of journalism.

The Writing Studio had the privilege of hosting McPolin, who currently serves as the Sunday editor at the New York Post. During his visit, Mr. McPolin generously shared his experiences and the challenges he encountered during his period at the Post.

The New York Post, a renowned daily news outlet, covers a wide range of topics, including sports, entertainment, gossip, and news. It has not only been a source of information but has also served as an outlet of inspiration for many in their writing endeavors.

Pictured above: Paul McPolin, '83, reminisces his time in journalism, going from his time with The Lion at Farrell to his experiences at both the Staten Island Advance and, currently, the New York Post.


During his time at Monsignor Farrell, Mr. McPolin was not only a dedicated wrestler but also held the prestigious position of Editor in Chief at The Lion, the school's publication.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1987, McPolin began his professional career as a writer at TV Guide. But it was when he sent a letter to the Staten Island Advance, criticizing the publication for a lack of coverage forthe South Shore, that things really picked up.

The Advance ultimately hired McPolin, and he covered Staten Island news, politics, and other projects for about 15 years there.

Then, in 2004, McPolin joined the New York Post, originally starting as the Deputy Sunday Editor before being promoted to Sunday Editor in 2021.

Pictured above: Paul McPolin, '83, discussed some of the most memorable stories and headlines produced during his time at the New York Post.


At our Writing Studio session, he regaled us with tales of the diverse stories he had written during his career -- from dealing with politicians, and other serious situations, to some of the more comical and lighter stories.

McPolin also brought out some memorable headlines the Post ran in the near 20 years that he has been there.

McPolin even shared the story that ultimately led to his departure from The Lion, quipping he's the only one to ever depart in the middle of his tenure as Editor-in-Chief. McPolin noted, however, that even that moment -- and the rest of his experiences at The Lion -- helped set the base for his eventual career.

It was an honor to meet Mr. McPolin, and to see how his time at Farrell has impacted him to become a journalist, to get an insight of the interworkings of how a newspaper is run, and to see the evolution of the industry.