John Gallucci Brings His Method to Students

Written on 12/07/2023
Ronald DeVito '25

JAG Therapy CEO gives students the keys to success

Pictured above: John Gallucci, '85, discussed his latest book, The JAG Method: An Entrepreneur's Journey to Personal and Professional Success, with students on Nov. 21.


There was nobody going to stop John Gallucci, '85, from trying to accomplish his dream of becoming a physical therapist. 

Gallucci, the CEO of JAG Physical Therapy, was a special guest at Farrell on Nov. 21, providing a talk to students about his new book The JAG Method: An Entrepreneur's Journey to Personal and Professional Success, which came out in October.

Through this conversation, Gallucci discussed the qualities that lead to success and how students can accomplish their dreams.

The event took place in the gymnasium and was an event hosted by the Writing Studio, the Business and Finance Institute, the Law and Public Policy Institute, the Leadership Institute, Student Government, Student Ambassadors, and the Wrestling program.

Pictured above: Mr. Gallucci talks with students about the characteristics of a successful individual.


After graduating, Gallucci attempted to take his talents and values from Farrell to college. attempting to enter a physical therapy program. However, it did not work out at first.

After being rejected from numerous colleges for not making an academic standard, namely a substandard grade in the dreaded chemistry class, he continued to search for a program that would accept him. His search took him to Long Island University, where he was accepted and received a master's degree in Sports Science and Athletic Training. From there, he went on to Dominican College, earning a Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  

Gallucci's journey led him to various positions in physical therapy, working alongside the athletic programs of NYU, Columbia, and the Prudential Center. Additionally, Gallucci spent time in the training staffs of the New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, and New Jersey Storm. Gallucci is the current medical coordinator for Major League Soccer (MLS). 

Pictured above: Mr. Gallucci walks around the gymnasium floor as he address students about the practices that helped lead him to success.


The JAG Method is approximately 40 pages long, which Gallucci did on purpose, adhering to shorter attention spans while still getting his points across. In fact, the titles of his chapters are based around the different pieces of advice he has for students of today. 

A couple of Gallucci's keys to success include waking up early, acting and chasing after what you want, and getting rid of all lazy habits. 

“You can’t want a Bugatti but sleep in until 10 in the morning,” Gallucci said.

Gallucci added that true happiness doesn't lay in materialistic things, but in things like love and family.

Pictured above (from left): Mr. Lou Tobacco, Monsignor Farrell President and CEO, Ms. Dawn Guerriero, Director of the Writing Studio, Mr. John Gallucci, '85, and Brandon Ritchie, '24, and Erick Abbate, '24, who moderated the conversation.

Monsignor Farrell thanks Mr. Gallucci for his words of wisdom and dedicating his time to the students.