Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Steven Blaine

Written on 01/22/2024
Joseph DeStefano '24

Faculty Spotlight Q&A with Mr. Steven Blaine

Mr. Steven Blaine during music class at Farrell.  Mr. Blain joined the Farrell faculty in September as its newest music teacher.


This past September, Monsignor Farrell High School welcomed Mr. Steven Blaine as its new chairperson of the Department of Music. Mr. Blaine attended Saint Peter's before receiving a B.S. in music from Hunter College. Mr. Blaine strives to enrich the students of Monsignor Farrell High School, encouraging them to become musically engaged.

The Lion recently got the chance to sit down with Mr. Blaine to discuss music, education, and his new role at Farrell. We thank

Mr. Blaine so much for his time!


What do you teach in your classes at Farrell?


I teach music history and theory [to juniors]. In my classes, I make use of vocabulary words such as rhythm and harmony.


What made you want to become a teacher?


I'm driven by a desire to instill a strong education and appreciation of music among Staten Island's youth.


Why did you decide to come to Farrell?


I had retired from the Department of Education. I frequently moved between intermediate schools during my time there. Joining Farrell allows me to keep myself occupied and to continue to teach music education to Staten Island youth.


 Prior to his time at Farrell, Mr. Steven Blaine spent years teaching music to middle school youth, including I.S. 34 (Credit: SILive)


What kind of music do you most enjoy?


I prefer a passionate R&B/Motown-oriented sound.


What is your goal here at Farrell?


Along with the musical enrichment of students, my ultimate goal is personal happiness, which can be achieved by teaching.