Rocking the Ages

Written on 03/20/2024
Adrian Apreza '26

The Farrell Players Present - Rock of Ages

This year's spring musical from the Farrell Players will be Rock of Ages: High School Edition, which will be held from March 20-23.


The Farrell Players will turn back the clock and look to bring you a rockin' time with their production of Rock of Ages

Every year, Monsignor Farrell has the joy of presenting a spring musical that dazzles and wows crowds, bringing audiences to their feet.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Tierney, the director of the Farrell Players and a faculty member of the Religion department -- and of course with the talents of our student performers -- the excitement will certainly be felt this year with their production of Rock of Ages: High School Edition.

The musical takes us through, in Mrs. Tierney's words, "the iconic glam metal anthems of the '80s."

Rock of Ages: High School Edition tells the story of Sherrie, a small-town girl, and Drew, a loner rocker, who fall in love on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. As they chase their dreams and navigate the rock and roll scene, they face the challenges of love, loss, and the fight for their dreams.

This high-octane production features all your favorite '80s rock hits, including Starship's "We Built This City," Journey's "Don't Stop Believin," and Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive."

All members of the Rock of Ages: High School edition production from the Farrell Players pose for a photo during the final rehersals. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Tierney)


"Rock of Ages is an amazing show that I've loved since I saw it with the original Broadway cast," Mrs. Tierney said. "We've tried for years to gain the rights to perform it, and this year we were finally able to! It was chosen because it allows the cast to explore different styles of music and dance and allows them to play fun characters who are all so different from their personalities.

"It allowed our crew to create an amazing set and props. Most importantly, it allows our audiences to go on a rockin' journey through '80s glam metal hits and discover the '80s."

Of course, none of the student performers were born in the 1980s! And Mrs. Tierney noted that part of the challenge -- and fun -- of preparing this show was to give the students a glimpse into what life was like back then.

"While I spent my youth in the '80s, creating that world on the stage is challenging for people who were born in the 2000s," Mrs. Tierney said. "Communication was different. Ever see an '80s land line or cell phone? Music was different and experiencing a huge explosion of growth in many different genres, clothing choices were different -- acid wash and neon reigned supreme -- and hair was very, VERY different. I still get flashbacks from the smell of AquaNet hairspray."

The Farrell Players rehearse for Rock of Ages in the Players' Space in January.


Mrs. Tierney noted that the musical has taken a lot of preparations, with the Farrell Players having rehersals that stretched back into December.

The production team, however, has been planning for this musical for about a year now. In addition to Mrs. Tierney, the production team members include music director Mr. Reilly, choreographer Mrs. Morano, and crew chief Mr. Tierney.

"To my amazing cast, crew and production team. You all rock!" Mrs. Tierney said, giving her thanks and praise.

Whether you're a fan of classic rock, or just a fan of great theatre, Rock of Ages will be a production that gives everyone a taste of fun, excitement, and thrills!

"[It's] a fun evening of theatre that reminds us to live our dreams to the fullest, especially when they change as we grow," Mrs. Tierney said. "The show is very tongue-in-cheek at times and very fast paced with energetic musical numbers and memorable characters and lines.

"Oh...and be prepared to have your face melted!"


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