Making Masterpieces

Written on 03/25/2024
Nicholas Nelson '27

The art of freshman Nikolay Prokofiev

The artwork of freshman Nikolay Prokofiev was displayed in a youth art gallery in Oakwood during early March.


Freshman Nikolay Prokofiev's art talents go on full display in Oakwood

The great Pablo Picasso once said, "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." And if that holds true, then painting allows us to see people's great thoughts and ideas, including those of one of our own.

Nikolay Prokofiev is a multitalented freshman student who enjoys anything that allows him to be creative and expressive, especially when it comes to art.

Recently, Prokofiev had some of his painting showcased in an art gallery that took place in Oakwood for students in 6-10th grade.

Nikolay Prokofiev stands in front of some of his artwork alongside Mr. Vin Nabavi, '11, Farrell's director of admissions and recruitment.


When asked what inspires his art, Prokofiev said he thinks of "cultural thoughts or when I see something, and I want to represent it through art."

"I usually make a sketch with crayons or pencils, and the result is perfect or better than I expected," he said. "With my art, what I mainly want to achieve is a good public impression."

Prokofiev says he isn't sure exactly what it was that attracted him to art and painting, but he remembers how his art career got started.

"[It was] my first public painting, which I created for the "Russian Avant- grade international children’s exhibition.'" Prokofiev said. "I was 10 years old at the time. What truly got me into art is that other people were impressed with my talent, and I felt the need to do more. "

The youth art gallery that displayed the work of Nikolay Prokofiev, '27, and others, focused on students between 6th and 10th grade.


Prokofiev has created several different forms of paintings and loves being able to work with whatever tools he has.

In fact, Prokofiev said his most memorable painting he's ever made involved a special kind of paint.

"I believe my favorite work of art was an abstract painting in which I used my own paint that I made myself," Prokofiev said. "The great thing about this paint is that it changes color depending on the time of day."

In addition to his paintings, Nikolay Prokofiev, a member of the Class of 2027, enjoys writing stories and making YouTube videos.


But Prokofiev's creative talents are not limited to just painting.

"I make videos on YouTube, compose film music, and I also like to write books, poems, and short stories," he said.

We hope to see more creative pieces from Prokofiev and the rest of our faithful men!


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