Faculty & Students on the Diamond

Written on 04/26/2024
Michael DeCicco '27

Faculty vs. Students softball on April 29

Junior and senior students are gearing up to take on members of the Farrell faculty in softball on Monday, April 29.


Softball starts this year's faculty vs. students sports battles

What are sports without rivalries? Rivalries are some of the biggest parts of any contest. Over the years, there have been iconic rivalries like the Yankees vs Red Sox, Lakers vs Celtics, and Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona.

But no rivalry is bigger than Faculty vs Students. It is now time for these rivals to go face-to-face once again.

The faculty vs. student games are back with a brand-new addition.

Andrew Cavagnaro, '25, and Mr. Hynes share a high five during last year's faculty vs. students softball game.


The fun will begin on Monday, April 29, when junior and senior students step up to the plate to take on faculty in a softball battle. The game will take place after school at Dennis Barrett Stadium and will be broadcast on LocalLive.

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come out and cheer on their friends and colleagues!

Two weeks later, on Monday, May 13, the faculty vs. seniors basketball game makes its return. That game will take place after school in the Farrell gymnasium.

In addition to these two games, a new contest has arrived. The freshmen and sophomores will take on the faculty in a thrilling kickball game. 

The kickball game’s date has not yet been decided, so make sure to look out for it.

The faculty huddle up one last time prior to last year's faculty vs. students softball game. The faculty won the game 24-1.


The faculty swept last year's series, winning both games. The senior vs faculty basketball game ended with a 46-36 victory, while last year's softball game saw a commanding 24-1 win.

This begs the question, who will win this year’s games? Will the faculty dominate yet again, or will the students take this year’s series. These games will once again be streamed on Local Live so you can watch all the thrilling action to find out who will emerge victorious. 


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