Good Times, Great Causes in SuperDance Return

Written on 05/13/2024
Ronald DeVito '25

The return of the FOSI SuperDance

This year's SuperDance held by the Friends of Staten Island (FOSI) student organization was the first SuperDance held since 2019.


Dancing and partying the night away for a good cause

We hear countless times that there is no such thing as leaving at 2:30 at Farrell. Most students typically leave after their sports or club meetings are over, usually anywhere between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m.

However, on April 12, the lights of Farrell did not die out to an hour before midnight. That, of course, is due to the SuperDance amongst Farrell and other high school students, set up by the Friends of Staten Island (FOSI).

It was the first SuperDance to be held since 2019. The SuperDance has been a long tradition of Farrell's stretching back to the 1980s, when money was raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Associaton (MDA).

In mid-2011, a shift was made to focus on local charities. This year, money raised by the students in the FOSI organization went to Pietro's Fight, Emma’s Place, and Project Hospitality.

This year, students from Farrell and Hill involved in FOSI raised money that went to Pietro's Fight, Emma's Place, and Project Hospitality.


Beginning at 7 p.m., Farrell reopened their doors for the innumerable number of students waiting outside. As the lights began to dim, the music kicked in and only kept getting louder and louder throughout the night.

The meals and beverages began to be served in the cafeteria, and the raffle bags were also brought out, all made possible thanks to generous donors.

In the gym where the party was held, with activities and a dance floor available for students to have their fun. The crowd grew only larger as the music continued to blast, with chants and wild fun to be had as the party went into the night.

This year's FOSI SuperDance had a beach theme to it, with students showing up in their most tropical gear, with plenty of sunglasses and leis to go around.


Thank you to all the moderators and heads of FOSI for carefully planning the event and running everything behind the scenes. And a big thank you to all the students who attended the dance, as well as those in FOSI who helped to raise money throughout the school year!


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