Students Triumph In Softball

Written on 05/13/2024
Vincent Proscia '25

Students Defeat Faculty 10-9 on Diamond

Top: Senior Marco DeVincenzi runs out a hit during the Faculty vs. Students softball game on April 29.
Bottom: Mr. Kennedy, a key contributor for the faculty team, steps up to the plate.


Students nab first win of this year's faculty vs. students sports series

In a thrilling rematch with the entire school on the edge of their seats, the students claimed a stunning 10-9 victory over the faculty in this year's highly anticipated baseball game.

This triumph marked a significant turnaround from last year's devastating 24-1 blowout, as the students demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination on the field.

The game got off to an exciting start when Tyler Rivera, '25, stepped up to the plate and delivered a powerful home run in the very first at-bat of the game. This early display of offensive prowess set the tone for the students' relentless performance throughout the match.

Top: Members of the faculty (back row) and students (front row) softball teams pose for a photo prior to gametime.
Bottom:  Junior Ronald DeVito, who hit an inside-the-park home run during the game, elects to let a bad pitch go by while up at bat.


Not to be outdone, Ronald DeVito, '25, showcased his speed and agility by scoring an inside-the-park home run, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

The duo of brothers Marco and Angelo DeVincenzi, '24, along with William Conroy, '24, also made significant contributions to the student team's success with their stellar defensive plays and strategic maneuvers on the field.

However, it was the outstanding efforts of Nick Foster, '25 and Ian Zizersky, '25, who truly stole the show. The pair pulled off a spectacular display of athleticism with a pair of diving catches in the outfield, effectively robbing Mr. Albano of two potential hits, saving runs that would have scored both times, and earning thunderous applause from those watching.

Mr. Carcaterra catches a fly ball in the outfield during the softball game.


On the faculty side, Mr. Carcaterra, Coach Travers, and Mr. Kennedy led the charge with their seasoned expertise and leadership. Despite facing fierce student competition, the faculty team showcased admirable skill and sportsmanship throughout the game, keeping the outcome uncertain until the very end.

Looking ahead, the excitement continues as the school gears up for the next installment of the faculty-student games. Up next is the highly anticipated Faculty vs. Seniors Basketball showdown scheduled for Wednesday, May 15.

Additionally, plans are underway for a thrilling Faculty vs. Freshmen & Sophomores Kickball match, with the date to be announced soon, most likely following graduation and Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. Albano, one of a few participants sporting eye black, swings at a pitch during the softball game.


As the school community celebrates this exhilarating victory for the students, anticipation mounts for the upcoming challenges and triumphs that lie ahead in the spirited tradition of friendly competition between faculty and students.

If you missed the Faculty vs. Students softball game, it is available for viewing on LocalLive here.


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