Early Dismissal Request Procedure

Written on 09/02/2022
Greg Guastavino

Early dismissal requests will only be honored for serious circumstances.

To be granted early dismissal from school a student must bring in a note from his parent/guardian and present it to the attendance office before the start of homeroom on the morning that he is requesting early dismissal.

The note should include:

  1. Student's name and homeroom
  2. Reason for early dismissal
  3. Requested early dismissal time
  4. The name of the parent/guardian who will be picking the student up and their cell phone number
  5. Signature of the parent/guardian

Any student who is granted early dismissal must be picked up by a parent or guardian. This includes juniors and/or seniors who drive and have a car on campus. Students will not be allowed to leave on their own with a verbal or written commitment from a parent. The parent must physically come to school and sign their son out.

Parents/guardians should enter the school via the main lobby doors adjacent to the circular driveway and meet with the security officer to sign their son out.

Early Dismissal Due to Illness During the School Day

Students are not permitted to text or call their parent/guardian to be picked up early in the event they become ill during the school day.

If a student is not feeling well, it is imperative that he goes directly to the nurse’s office. The nurse will then contact the student's parent/guardian to come to the school to pick up their son. If the student will be absent on subsequent days, a telephone call to the attendance office is required. A note must be brought to the attendance when the student returns to school.